How not to get a Tai Chi Teacher

For over 20 years my phone number has been in the public domain. This has allowed me to experience a wide range of of abuse and disrespect from people I have never met. 

At 9.08am this (Saturday) morning morning I enjoyed a particularly pointless and annoying specimen, courtesy of a rather posh sounding lady from the Hampton area. 

She was anxious to know about Tai chi classes, rolled on about how she had been searching the net for some time, then randomly suddenly wanted to know if it was too early in the morning and she should ring back later.

" No, I've been up for hours. How did you get my phone number ?"

"Is that relevant?", she replied.  Well, it is to me, I thought: 

but what I explained in my most polite and helpful manner to her was that there were several search websites where she could get my number, but only a few that had current and accurate class details, which was what she was looking for.

I asked her if she was currently on the net, which she was, and what page she was looking at, so I could best help by directing her to the relevant information.

She started getting a bit shirty at this juncture, demanded to know my name, and then requesting that I tell her everything so she didn't have to look for herself.

I tried to explain that there was quite a lot of information, you know, all the things you might need like venues, times, details of the different kinds of classes, locations, maps, prices and so on, but by this time she'd lost it.....

"Do you mind if I give you some feedback?"  

She announced her intentions like Marie-Antoinette ordering fresh cake. I don't think it would have mattered whether I'd got a yes or a no in before she started.

"If I wanted to take up Tai Chi, I certainly wouldn't want to do it with you. Your attitude has been ridiculously unhelpful and ..... blah, blah, blah... 

I thanked her and told her to have a nice day: she didn't hear because she was still moaning on when I put the phone down.

Is it just me, or would you think ( like I do ) that if you wanted to do something you might want to read a bit about it first, maybe do some research before asking some relevant or more detailed questions?

Or maybe you're just so arrogant and full of your own self importance, so used to being waited on,  that you can't conceive of having to do something for yourself, even with a bit of help?  

Or even that a self employed person like me puts hours of work into really trying to help peope like her, by seeing that they can easily access all the correct information, but she can't be arsed to take a few minutes to look at it..

Or perhaps your mind is just so full that there's no room for anything else,

so noisy in there that you can't hear anything else any more........

Probably not gonna last long as a Tai Chi student, then, even if you could find a good Teacher...........      Have a Nice Day!