Nine Golden Dragons Revision Notes

Nine Golden Dragons Daoyin                                            Revision Notes    

Small White Dragon copy

Prep. with Lying Meditation & Lying Stretching: similar to Traction Daoyin

Long Breathing: Mental preparation & breath cleansing of DanTian

Hibernating/Dreaming Dragon: Fish like exercise: also from lying or sitting versions

then Awakening: Internal rotations of Right Hip, Chanzhong, Dantian

Stretching the Claws: Extend Spirals outwards to open/stretch/spiral arm joints (also inwards from arm joints)

Wagging the Tail: rotate/spiral coccyx then add arms as above 

Steps out of the Cave:  Walking up foot above standing knee, thigh high, parallel with ground, foot down soft

Praying:   Lingzi stance style spontaneous movement

Plays with Pearl: Chuan Zhang rotations plus stretch arms & Dragon Claws

Plays in Water: as Claws plus eyes and mouth forces

Mating Dance (+partner): PaKua steps plus Plays with Pearl arms

Hibernating Dragon: Meditation, Sitting or Lying; concentrate on and connect Upper and Lower Dantians