The Curious Case of  "Health QiGong"  now being Trademarked in the UK

Trademark Control of Health Qigong in the UK  -  edited November 2021

You may (or may not) know that over the last few months one QiGong organisation in the UK has successfully applied for and gained Trademark control over the term Health Qigong TM and some similar related similar terms.

You can see the Trademark application details here:-…/pa…/Results/1/UK00003365278…

This application was made by Mr. Tary Yip, Chairman of the British Health Qigong Association and also at the time Honorary President of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain (TCUGB)

The granting of the application means that those of us have who have worked for years and become experts in our chosen disciplines now face being subject to legal proceedings for using common generic terms we have hitherto been legitimately entitled to use forever. 

Using information taken from the Trademark website, the application covers these fields:- 

Class 41:-  Health Exercise for health and wellness; exercise for rehabilitation or medical treatment, Oriental Qi or energy exercise to improve health; Meditation exercise for health and wellness, meditation exercise;exercise as treatment or complementary treatment on illnesses; Health Qigong Instructor training, or Health Qi Gong coach training course; exercise for physical and psychological well-being, or improve mental wellness; Health and fitness training; Health and wellness training; Health club services [health and fitness training]; Health education; Martial arts instruction; Medical training and teaching; Meditation training.

Some TCUGB members have received letters threatening such legal action. This, in my opinion, is a disgraceful, immoral, sad and shameful act of oppression fuelled by the desire for control.

I have no idea how such a ludicrous situation came to pass, but apparently the applications were made ‘quietly’ and therefore no-one was able or present to challenge them before they were granted. However, now they have been granted the process of challenging them is complex, technical and expensive.

This has understandably been the cause of considerable disturbance and debate in the “Tai Chi and Qigong” world.

A legal response and challenge to this grant of trademark was mounted, principally led by two separate independent campaigners, both of whom are in my opinion brave and principled women fighting for justice for all of us. 

Details follow:-

A statement from Bruce Frantzis

A statement from Ken Cohen

A statement from the National Qigong Association of the USA

Personally, I think it is a sad, unnecessary and divisive state of affairs. It also seems rather ridiculously stupid. It makes about as much sense as a mechanic Trademarking the phrase "Garage Services" and then trying to sue other garages for offering such services. 

It also appears to be the case that the so-called unifying body in the UK, the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain, have absolutely failed to address this situation, with high profile resignations, conflict, allegations of censorship, manipulation of information to mislead executive and ordinary members and a failure to come up with a more meaningful statement on the matter. 

 And that's just what I found in one afternoon.....    lolol    :-)

I also believe that this is the reason the TCUGB Facebook page has disappeared. Would anyone, particularly from the TCUGB Executive, like to confirm or deny that please?

I have written this post because:- 

A) The information regarding this is thinly spread and time consuming to find and I wanted to bring it into one place to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

B)  I like the detective thrill of the research and have the time and resources to enjoy it.

C) A post for the activities of Mr. Yip's British Health Qigong Association appeared today on my screen and the hypocrisy of it pissed me off in a "Oh, look at us claiming to be wonderful promoting our great Tai Chi and QiGong whilst actually sneaking around shafting everyone else behind their backs" kind of way.

Tary Yip Post 2 Aug 2019

D)  Trademarking ( whilst forgetting to mention it to anyone although at the time you just happened to be the Honorary President of the TCUGB ) the generic term "Health QiGong" which is commonly and universally used by almost the entire world is how you choose to promote a great culture and art in harmony with all ?      Really ?      Ever heard the word dissonance ? Or the older Anglo-Saxon "Bollocks" ?   Sorry, it just doesn't wash, partyspeak at it's finest.

E)  In case you haven't worked it out yet, I think it's a shitty thing to do

So, no credit to anyone, except the brave people fighting this idiocy. I really hope they win.

If, as I do, you think that the phrase "Health Qigong" should belong to and be freely available to be used by all, please consider taking a little time and effort to research and investigate this yourselves, perhaps even contributing towards the legal fund or take other appropriate action. 

Namaste :-) 

BTW, I have used screenshots because Internet things have a way of disappearing.    :-)

Further Infotainment:-

This (slightly out of focus) cracker of a post from retired TCUGB Executive & Chair Dan Docherty, who'd of thought we would ever be on the same page after the '96 Water Margin incident :-)

Dan Docherty Post 619

and this from Curious Horse Taijiquan, a senior TCUGB member

Curious Horse Taijiquan Post 26619

I'd just like to point out here that I have collated all of this readily available published information from my desk, courtesy of the Internet  :-)

So, to clarify the story so far:-

British Health Qigong Association Chairman Tary Yip secretly Trademarked the term Health QiGong, while holding the post of Honorary President of the TCUGB, but neglecting to mention it to them, which (in my view quite rightly) pissed off  TCUGB Executive & Chair Dan Docherty, along with most of the rest of the country as we slowly found out. 

At the same time, allegedly, as outlined in the post above,  TCUGB Executive & Secretary Peter Ballam misled the executive and tried to brush the whole issue under the table. 

Who you gonna call, Ghostbusters?  Lolol

Look out, they'll be coming for YOU next.....