Push Hands Class

Push Hands Classes     Currently Suspended

Pushing Hands is a major component of the traditional syllabus of Taijiquan, historically in preparation for self-defense. However, the “ Victory in Combat” mindset can lead students astray from the Principles of Yin & Yang, promoting the erroneous belief that success through superior strength equals Taiji skill. It does not. 

Greater learning possibilities exist when interaction is done with respect for all, so participants can take the time to benefit from understanding the interaction of Taiji forces. No opponent, winner or loser is required as we learn how to listen, stick, follow & yield, not just how to push.

Opportunity exists to develop new abilities, firstly to control our own balance under pressure and later, by reacting correctly (just enough in just the right time and place) to control the balance of our partner. 

Adhering, sticking, following, pushing, listening, full versus empty, soft versus hard, free movement, enjoyment, self-control, retaining mental and physical composure under pressure, respect and concern for the welfare of self and others, these are some of the issues accessible with the correct practice of Push Hands.

Level: All: Novice to experienced

Fees: £25 per session   -  payable on the day:   

Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm: pre-booking only 

Info: email