Tai Chi Basics

TAI CHI contains and is about:-

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YIN/YANG  the physical practice of the Yin/Yang philosophy, the balance of primal universal forces. Tai Chi creates an internal balance between these two opposing forces that allows Qi to flow freely.

EXERCISE  a mind body exercise that connects slow movements to breath. Complete concentration on the body can lead to a meditative  state promoting optimal physical and mental health. It systematically trains your nervous system to relax as an antidote to stress. All styles combine movement, breath, concentration and meditation.

HEALTH  an art-form which keep the body’s life force, Qi, flowing freely. The Chinese believe that blockages in Qi are the causes of ailments: disease, mental illness, mood and even negative thoughts. They believed that mindful practice could unblock Qi to obtain optimal health. 

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MEDITATION  brings balance and harmony to body and soul, Memory and concentration are strengthened, breathing becomes deep and even. The principle is to have the body mind and senses function as one, so one acquires enduring health, deeper awareness, a serene, meditative state which helps in coping with stress and problems in daily life, learning to maintain an even temperament, even when under pressure

MARTIAL ART Tai Chi (Ch’uan= Fist) the practice of Awareness, and of keeping balance and stability while changing between movement and stillness. The strategy is to meet hard with soft, like bamboo in a storm. Bamboo prevails by bending and yielding to the wind, wheras a stiff tree is uprooted and knocked over.  Eventually we find that the real adversary is within ourselves. 

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PHILOSOPHY  rooted in Chinese Taoism and Buddhism, traditions thousands of years old. These ancient wisdoms include qigong, various hard and soft martial arts, acupuncture, philosophy, meditation, dance, poetry, caligraphy, painting and music.

KUNG FU  Kung (Gong) means Energy” and Fu means time, so doing something which takes time, effort and patience to accomplish, be it music, painting or martial art, is called Gongfu (Kung Fu). 

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                                                                                                               QI  often translated as life force, vital force or energy, Qi (Ki in Japanese, like Aikido) is the name for the invisible but tangible forces that flow through us and the world  

TAI CHI can  be a spiritual discipline, but it is not a religion