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Buqi is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine which uses an amalgamation of Eastern and Western medical theory coupled with the use of developed Taiji forces for the treatment and healing of others.

Historical Background 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been developing over 40 centuries and has made a profound contribution to human health worldwide. Culture, language and geography have delayed the spread of this vast body of knowledge and experience from East to West until relatively recently. The success rates of modern treatments using Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Massage mean that these forms of medicine have now become well known, even familiar in the West. 

Buqi is another component of TCM, which has been almost lost over time. In books of Chinese history one can find records of people curing diseases in patients without touching them, but no records as to how this was done. 

Dr. Shen Hongxun came into contact with this system through his grandfather and later his teacher Professor Yao Huanzhi. He has spent over 30 years researching and redeveloping the Buqi system, in which he now uniquely combines Eastern and Western medical concepts with this non-invasive treatment method.

Theoretical Basis - East meets West

Buqi addresses and treats both physiological and psychological conditions. Like Acupuncture, it is an important natural therapy. Buqi will often be more readily accepted by patients since no needling or herbal preparations are required and there are no unwanted side effects.

The Buqi system has its own Qi based aetiology, diagnosis and treatment techniques and is based on the theory of the Double Vicious Circle and the theory of Binqi.  

Qi is a wide ranging concept with many meanings. Often Qi is translated or used to mean vital energy or breath. The theory of Binqi differentiates between healthy qi and binqi or sick qi. In this context ‘bin’ means ill and ‘qi’ means unknown or invisible factors. 

We can translate Binqi as pathogenic factors, which include the toxic by-products of metabolism as well as the climatic pathogenic factors of TCM. The effects of diet, weather and environment are all included in this concept, and the over-production and accumulation of Binqi in the body is seen as a major cause of disease, so treatment is focused on the expulsion of Binqi from the patients body.

The theory of the “Double Vicious Circle” defines and illuminates the relationship between mental and emotional stress, poor long-term posture, vertebral malposition, pathogenic narrowing of the intervertebral spaces, impairment of the functions of the nervous and hormonal systems and resultant over-production and accumulation of Binqi in the body. The primary concern here is education, using the transmission of information to change the patient’s lifestyle and habits, thereby breaking the vicious circle causing the disease.

Healing forces - Taiji and Taijiwuxigong

The Buqi healer treats the patient from a distance by applying Taiji forces to particular points or areas of their body which in turn access their bodily systems, (for example nervous, hormonal, cardiovascular, muscular) and organs. A range of techniques are used to transmit, as required, vibration force, spontaneous movement force and mental force (transmission of information). The healer must do exercise to recognise and develop these forces within themself (Taijiwuxigong) and then train and practise to be able to transmit them to, and develop them in, the patient (Buqi). The Buqi healer also gives instruction in therapeutic exercise prescribed for the patient’s specific condition, along with dietary and lifestyle advice.

Buqi Treatment

The initial treatment will usually include some questioning to define the history and development of the complaint. This will be followed by Buqi Diagnosis and treatment. In most cases instruction will also be given and exercises suggested to complement treatment. Initial consultation and treatment usually lasts around 90 minutes and costs £80. Subsequent treatments will usually last about an hour and cost ≈ £60.  Home Visits are extra (by arrangement) and special rates and circumstances are required for cases of Spirit Possession or Invasion.


Taijiwuxigong is a qigong and exercise system that has been researched and refined by Dr. Shen for more than 40 years. Based on and developed from Taiji, it uses Daoyin exercises and Spontaneous Movement to activate the Dantian, clean the meridian system and expel binqi. It was chosen as the most effective qigong system at the 1988 World Qigong Congress held in Peking. Details of training courses in Taijiwuxigong, Buqi, Taiji 37 and Meditation are available on this site and its links

The Buqi Institute 

Based in Belgium, the objective of the Institute is the integration of Chinese and Western knowledge and theories of health and medicine.  The main courses offered are Taijiwuxigong, Wuxi Meditation, Taiji 37 and Buqi.  Taiji 37 and Wuxi Meditation teach the discovery, use and development of special functions and forces that the body possesses. Taijiwuxigong teaches their use for self-healing and Buqi instructs students in the cultivation and use of these forces for healing others.

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